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GREAT session this morning, we covered closing the FXI Mar19 40 calls for a $3000 profit in 2 weeks, along with the 'Burner Trade' Mar19 42.5/42 bull put spread and $44 calls for a $6550 profit in 2 weeks.

That's nearly $10,000 in profits on LIMITED risk!

Now it's time to get bearish on FXI - I think the market will 'sell the news' with any trade deal in March.

We're going to sit on our hands this week as far as a weekly options trade - market is up/VIX is up/that means something is up. We're hitting a RARELY seen 'quadruple top on the S&P500 and A LOT of macro data along with Powell testimony means something is coming.

Here's the replay from this morning's session: