TGO members & potential members -

Awesome session this afternoon! If you're ready to get airborne with your Full Throttle membership follow this link. We kick off our 8 options training sessions TONIGHT at 7 PM eastern so this is a PERFECT time to join Top Gun Options industry leading Full Throttle training.

If you just want access to the training, it's usally $495 for the 8 sessions - but if you follow this link now we'll get you in at the reduced rate of $195.

We took a look at our Weekly AMZN bull put spread that we placed Monday and closed Wednesday for a $2040 profit/88% gain in TWO DAYS! That ONE trade pays for an ANNUAL Defensive annual membership slot.

We closed last week's WYNN bear call spread for a 77%/$1500 profit in ONE week.

Finally we took a look at a new AMZN bull put spread:

Trade metrics:

AYT&D Replay: