Analyze Your Trade Members -

AWESOME session this afternoon! Out of ONE day trades in FXI & VXX for serious profits, along with closing RTN bearish spreads/front month short calls for nice coin! Having a GREAT week!

UPDATE - I have ONE coaching slot left - a fellow squadronmate had to bail for personal reasons - so shoot me an email if you want to grab a Commodore's Club OR Commanding Officer's Club slot and take your trading to the next level. Remember that coaching fees will increase for 2019. Shoot me an email [email protected] if you want to snag it.

Lifetime Memberships - Final call for $15,000, price increase to $17,500 for 2019 (4 years ago LT memberships were $10,000 so lock in your lower rate today). Shoot Suzi an email [email protected] to grab your slot.

No new trades for this portfolio, might look at a bearish trade on VXX tomorrow, will send out an urgent alert if there's a nice target of opportunity.

Maybe bearish double verticals on VXX, KSA (this would be a new target,) and FXI.

Have a GREAT weekend!


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