ALTB - Adjustment

Our target price of $.15 was hit on the Call Spread side of this trade. This locks in some credit and gives us the opportunity


A nice trade. The Fed Announced the rate increase as expected and the market dropped a bit but stayed solidly within the expected range. We had an opportunity to close the trade at roughly a 30% profit during today's session and took it.

ALTB - SPY Dual Calendar Fed Trade - Update

ALTB - SPY Dual Calendar Fed Trade - Update

We are going into the close in a great spot to make additional profits by holding the trade. Our main goal is to have SPY stay roughly within the $225.50 to $228.50 range but anywhere near the $225.50 strike is good for us. Theta erosion will give us a nice boost overnight. We will look at the position during the ALTB tomorrow and work on the close decisions during class.