ALTB – Open AMZN Bull Put Spread JUN30 887.5/890

AMZN is a strong and consistent bullish stock. It is best in class for the industry and has been on an uptrend for a long time. We have a nice gap between now and its next earnings announcement. It also has a reasonably high level of IV we can work with. This sets us up for a good Bull Put candidate.

ALTB – Closed AMZN Pre-Earnings Bull Call Calendar APR21/MAY5 920

AMZN was pulled down along with the rest of the market with last week’s dip. Over the last few days, it rallied back and we can close the trade out at break even. The trade needs to be closed by tomorrow afternoon and there are high short-term risks if AMZN drops. The safest choice was to close the position at break even.

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