Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Wednesday's market Sitrep here at Top Gun Options. Good to be with you again this week. Man it's a special week if I'm back to doing a couple of Sitreps. Check this out. Take a look at your screen. Man! If you're seeing something like that obviously something's going on and there's something that's going on is the Fed first of all end of a two-day fed meeting.

But what happened? Starting you know right around here at 2:30 Jerome Powell started talking, or Jay as he likes to be called, Jay started talking and everything's great. The employment well he it was a it was porridge right, not too hot, not too cold. Then he started. He mentioned the I word. Inflation's coming in a little bit hot but don't worry about it so we stabilize and then actually on Friday you might see a lot more inflation and the housing market and all sorts of stuff, slam.

But don't worry about it. So we made a round trip essentially from 4185 all the way up to 4200 through 4200 and slammed back down. What did we do in our weekly options brief that we just knocked off? Well, we made 1,500 bucks. Anybody like making 1,500 bucks or whatever that was 75% in half an hour. Made 1500 bucks in half an hour right in front of in our weekly options and today we looked at legging into - I sold a Microsoft bull put spread at the open after Microsoft imploded on you.

Ready for this, fantastic earnings. I'm like nah that's too much of an implosion, put on a bull put spread and then in the brief we sold a bear call spread to leg into an iron condor on Microsoft.

So there's kind of the the gap down on the open. I sold a bull put spread right here, up about four or 500 bucks and then we added a bear call spread as Jerome right around here in that, pop. So we have an iron condor on Microsoft which is sitting here, right there. Potentially you know risking 8500 bucks to make 5300 bucks and it's going right through the uprights here so far. What do I mean by so far? Well guess what man, rumbling stumbling bumbling Joe Biden's speaking to the country tonight. And God knows what's going to come out of his mouth. Well nothing's going to come out of his mouth.

Usually that's not on the teleprompter, right. He's going to sit there tonight and squint and stare at the prompter and just it's really annoying. So Mr President why don't you just turn the teleprompter around and we'll read it quietly to ourselves because you reading it is pretty damn annoying. So largest tax increase since the 70s coming at you tonight. But anyway I'll get into that in a second. Let's talk about what's more important! What's more important is tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock that's April 29th 1 p.m. Eastern that's 1,300 free military types. I'm going to do a free brief where we talk about trading Amazon the stock that I call the death star literally taking over the world it's the only stock you need in your portfolio at the end of the day. It's free. Register at! Now some of you are like hey. Well that link is dead. It's not working for me that's because you're probably a current member or see it goes to like to trade plan. It doesn't. If you go to solo brief it actually takes you to this one. It's called a redirect webinar dash registration dash solo.

So if you hit solo brief so one more time because some people are getting see where it says solo brief. It takes me to the trade plan because I have like a ton of cash literally and also in my computer. If your webinar there you go just to unconfuse you if you're going to the trade plan page freeze the video right now and go to this.

It's the same url as /solobrief. It redirects to this webinar dash registration solo. I made it solo brief so you wouldn't have to type all this stuff but apparently it's confusing people. Okay! So free brief on me: why? Because Amazon earnings are after the close tomorrow and also why because Amazon has seen a monster run in the past month betrayed Amazon for a very very long time I can't remember the last time I saw Amazon have an absolute monster run into earnings and keep going I don't care if they have monster blowout numbers.

I think we might sell the news on Amazon. I'll. Show you tomorrow live what I'm trading but remember the pop that happened on Monday. speaking of Amazon was what we hear it might announce a stock split.

Oh guess what, I also heard that they might not and that was quote just a rumor and even if they do we might sell the news. So a lot to talk about that's. Why? I said you know what let me be a good dude and open up the doors to a free live trade brief this week. It's on me matter of fact if you're registered to attend I'm actually going to throw a $55 value at you with our trade plan and also a $45 value with what's called the OPCL, the options pocket check list I mean you're you're making. What's that 100 grand? You might make 100 bucks just for $10 and worth of value.

Okay! So go to that right now all right! What's going on? China is going to invade Taiwan in the next four years. Russia is going to invade Ukraine in the next four years. Israel is going to attack. They're already attacking Iran and Iran is already attacking Israel but it will come to a head in the next four years. and North Korea is going to be firing a ton of bottle rockets. So in the four months that Joe Biden's been in office the world is literally disintegrating before our eyes let alone our country.

It's really interesting to watch Jerome Powell speak about while we're trying to get back to full employment are you high Mr? pal? Hell? There's McDonald's offering 50 bucks for people to come in to interview. We are at Mr Powell, Democrats, Mr Biden, Mrs Pelosi and Chuck. Every American who is currently getting some form of government sit at home paid not to work can find a job throughout this entire past couple weeks of earnings just about every CFO, CEO, CO has said.

We're having problems hiring. Hold on, hold on there's 20 million Americans out of work. They're making more to sit at home than they would at a job. Welcome to the end of America and to the birth of the United Social Estates of America.

Last time I checked, paying people not to work or actually taking money from people like me to pay people not to work is socialism. If you live in the socialist state of California or New York and if the Biden tax increases go through you will be paying depending on who you are more than half, I saw 63% for some folks 63% of what you make with your bare hands is going to go to the government. You feel good about that? Last time I checked taking more than half of what I make is socialism. Welcome to America today.

So tonight we're going to get rumbling stumbling Joe folks. We are even with what he's going to say I mean if he shocks tonight. I'd be shocked because the market doesn't like getting shocked. He's not going he's going to give us a 100,000 foot view.

He's going to wrap his largest tax increase since the 70s in platitudes. shining house on the hill, and fair share. I love Thomas Soul, great American one of the great minds in this country. I love his question. What exactly is your fair share of what somebody else earned? Usually when I say that to a liberal or a Democrat they just kind of I'm a racist, I'm a misogynist and they you know when you're called that you obviously are winning.

But. no seriously. What is your fair share of what I earn? Do I use the United States Navy, the interstate highway system or a public school more than somebody else? Of course I don't matter of fact. I use them less but it'll be interesting tonight because people are like hey man what if he says some freaky stuff tonight. It's already in the market guys. We know massive taxes are coming the rich are already scrambling with their tax accountants their tax attorneys or their shields or the rich aren't rich because they're stupid folks so it ultimately slides downhill to us.

You and I and we're gonna get stuck with it. I'd really and it's funny. Clearly I can't get a press pass to go to these Fed press conferences because I would ask Jerome Powell like Mr Powell you're talking this afternoon yeah right liquidity and 120 billion a month and okay. Well first of all why are you doing that when everybody in America could have a job right now if they wanted it? So why are you doing that and also tonight when the President speaks he's going to hit us with trillions more in taxes for infrastructure and apparently everything is infrastructure.

Elderly care and child care are now infrastructure. In America I didn't know we made bridges out of young people and old people but I guess we do. Everything's infrastructure but Mr Powell or President Biden if Mr Powell just prints money or he said he makes it quote digitally in a 60-minute interview why are you raising my taxes? Can you tell this political science major knuckle-dragging kid from South Jersey Navy fighter pilot? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but somebody help me out with the math.

If Mr Powell is just making money out of thin air to prop up the market to sell save failing companies that should be allowed to go out of business some of them a couple airlines that I could name or cruise lines why are we all getting hit with taxes so. Either money is worthless and we can just hit enter and make money or it's worth something anyway I know I'm preaching to the choir.

Great week with mind of medicine man. This was pretty funny though. CEO of two billion dollar startup fired for Micro dosing on LSD at work. I think the mistake he made was actually telling people he did that before the meeting but anyway mind of medicine we've had a great week.

What's it up? I bought 20,000 shares this week. I got about 90 almost 100,000 worth of mind of medicine and I will be adding to this. Is a long-term hold for me mine medicine debuted on the NASDAQ earlier this week and at four whatever it was got as high as almost six bucks when it opened and now it's back down here I could not be more Bullish on this company - and I like I said I'll - be adding to it for all the reasons we covered in our primary live trade brief yesterday.

Let me move this Musk thing over to here because this is pretty funny. Elon Musk folks it really does crack me up gets away with murder and I'll tell you why. I told you why over the years remember a couple years ago when he tweeted funding secured 420. I immediately were in a live trade brief.

I laughed. I'm like dude that guy's funny that's weed he's making a weed joke, stock popped funds got bloodied a little. Old ladies in tennis shoes that were short Tesla got destroyed. I had a buddy who lost his job as a portfolio manager because he was short Tesla around that time.

He did the whole funding secured 420 tweet. It was one of the most shorted stocks. He grabbed his phone and he stuck it to the shorts. Manipulating the market especially with a joke is criminal. What happened you're Elon Musk.

He got a slap on the wrist and said you know what you need to clear your tweets through your board of directors or somebody going forward yeah. Okay I'll do that and he never did it why all right! Elon Musk's war on regulators the Tesla and SpaceX chief courts conflict with an alphabet soup of government agencies and he gets away with it.

Unless you're an idiot you know why ladies and gentlemen the FTC. the CFTC, FINRA, you know those aren't using these letters d-o-d or n-s-c. I said at the time when he did that tweet I'm like nothing's going to happen the SEC is looking into his tweet and market manipulation.

I'm like nothing will happen to him. You know why I use this exact analogy and I think he did it. He will pick up the phone and call Donald Trump and go hey Don, Elon yeah. What's up buddy? I just cancelled all of these spy satellite launches that we have on the flight schedule for your Department of Defense and National Security Council, click. Dude you can't that's literally what happened? I know it for a fact because I got dudes in the DOD that are like. Oh yeah Elon Musk is bulletproof. What are we going to do? Ask the Chinese or the Russians when Barack Hussein Obama got rid of the space shuttle years ago.

One of my best friends, Scott Maker Tiingle, NASA didn't use his call sign because it wasn't clearly politically correct but Scott Tingle had to hitch a ride on a Soyuz he did. I think he did 10 days at the ISS.

He was actually up in the ISS the day we had our memorial service for another one of our best friends who had crashed and perished in a war bird while his son watched. So I was giving a speech during that memorial service on a on a big yacht down here in Fort Lauderdale remembering my brother Scammer and Maker Tingle was up in the ISS and he had a picture of Scammer up there.

Why do I get? Why am I rambling about this? I'm rambling about this because it's embarrassing our space program we had to outsource and now we have Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk essentially in a space race and Elon you want to talk about Musk and funniness on twitter.

What did he say yesterday so Elon and SpaceX won a big NASA contract? Bezos was not happy and they filed you know a protest with the GAO, government accounting office. What did Elon do? He fired back with a tweet, can't get it up? Lol. I mean can't get it up to orbit and he put a screenshot of a 2019 report about Bezos unveiling his blue moon lander on the same twitter thread.

He put this like little so Elon Musk it's funny that the the Journal's like wow. This guy gets away with it. Of course he does folks. We would not be launching any spy or middle military satellites without Elon Musk.

So the dude's bulletproof anyway. That was a long talk about him. A lot of good stuff going on here like I said join me tomorrow at 1 o'clock for the free solo Amazon brief and come see how we trade Amazon here for max profit or minimum loss.

We're having a great time here recently Top Gun Options like I said I kind of apologize for not getting on the free sit reps as much as I used to but at the end of the day folks I'm really focused On our two investment clubs the max afterburner group of of folks we got 132 of those members and over here in the max afterburner I'm sorry the hunters group. We got 27 men. So what's? That 150-ish in these investment clubs this is where I spend most of my time man folks sharing their trades in here red teaming trades sharing Intel.

This is our own little mini hedge fund man. There are some smart people in here and I'm a better trader because of my fellow members in these investment clubs. If if you want access to those you can reach out to me personally I'll tell you how to get into our investment clubs. It's kind of invite only and to be honest we want to screen the folks who come in. So we got doctors, lawyers, airline pilots, military guys, and gals, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, small business owners, you name it, orthopedic surgeons people who are experts in their fields who share intelligence and we do some good work making some money but anyway all right good stuff Good trade today on the S&P 500 made 1,500 bucks in a half an hour.

However that was keeping an eye on MARA. There's. My mind med shares up ten, five. Today's Microsoft iron condor we talked about there's my Amazon waiting for earnings and my XLY synthetic waiting for earnings.

Okay, all right guys I got ta go. Have a great rest of your day. Happy hunting, make sure your hedge, and God bless. I'll see you tomorrow at 1pm Eastern.