Hey folks hope you're having a a glorious Saturday. Beautiful day down here in God's waiting room in Boca Raton. A ton of stuff going on. So I wanted to give you a little bit of a a quick update real quick. First thing right out of the gate I got ta I got ta tell you I could not be more proud of my son Edward Matthew Buckley Jr. I thought he got all A's and a B and breaking news last night, he said Dad nope they they updated it and I got straight A's.

Man I mean I can't even I can't even tell you. This kid, he's never out of the fight. He struggled freshman year when he was a rook at Norwich University, academic probation. I mean Spanish ain't his first language and he went from skimming along the treetops to straight up. So buddy, I could not be more proud of you. Love you so much man. Keep up the fantastic work and you got a lot of lessons learned out of this experience.

So go ahead and and use it real quick. I just got off the phone with a with a great Texan and I got some breaking news to announce man, the Top Gun Fighter foundation. will own two fighter jets and I could not be more excited.

First of all for our mission to raise awareness and try and prevent veteran suicide absolutely devastating man sitting here working and doing a bunch of stuff finishing the final touches of my manuscript for the book that I wrote on the Covid crash.

Talking about getting jets, doing all sorts of stuff going to hot yoga. Jack's got a hockey game during all of that time that I'm doing all this stuff. A veteran is going to end her or his life a couple of them. It's absolutely it's devastating and we really got ta raise awareness. We got ta pitch into the fight so Top Gun Fighter Foundation. I'm working in my home office. I got the paint scheme all together that we're gonna color and we're gonna paint these two l39s and and and get the word out there, not only just for a veteran suicide but for you know operator syndrome. Great partnership we got going with the Warrior Health Foundation, a brand new partnership we got with Marcus and Amber at vets. Actually I think we're going to see Marcus and Amber on Sunday, Monday and going to have a little present for him on on Sunday which means I better drink free, Marcus and Amber and then.

What else was I gonna say? Well, so vets, veterans exploring treatment solutions and you know I'm gonna throw in right now a little bit of the stock tip, Mind Medicine. It went public this week on the NASDAQ so there's your little uncle Whiz stock tip. No seriously, these you know this was a Canadian company. These treatments that Marcus and Amber do. We got ta we got. Ta fly our our warriors out of this country to to save their life which it's a disgrace. It's disturbing. Marcus and Amber doing the Lord's work. Met with Governor Pelle Perry with Marcus, meeting with heavies in Washington. They're going around and literally saving veterans lives along with the Warrior Health Foundation.

So as an aviator up here you know that you know I'm looking at bad guys killing bad guys at 30 thousand feet. These guys are three feet maybe even three inches and the operator syndrome that they suffer from the PTSD. The traumatic brain injury just anxiety, depression VA's like here take a couple 800 milligram Motrin and a Lucky Strike and go sit in the parking lot and come back in a couple months. It's awful. It's an absolute disgrace.

The Biden administration came out earlier in this week with their plan and it's standard Democrat. Let's just throw money at even though it doesn't work. Currently as it is well more money will work. It doesn't work so thank God for for the folks that we're gonna support from Top Gun Fighter foundation with with these new assets these two aircraft.

So I'm fired up. So next week sometime I'm gonna go up to Melbourne, Florida and pick up the I39 and then the other one is over at David Hicks airfield outside of Houston. So two l39s coming to the Top gun Fighter Foundation and we're going to be flying people. Man you wanna get in a fighter jet and jump in the back seat and we'll bend it around and maybe do a little dog fight and formation flying, go fly over the the Atlantic. We're gonna. As long as you support the foundation. We're going to hook some folks up with some good time so I couldn't be more pleased.

Real quick on that note. Put this on your calendar, September 10th and 11th. I believe that's right, Friday, Saturday the Warrior Health Foundation is going to have one of those two day events over in this time. What's the river? Is it river city San Antonio? We're going to be doing it.

They're going to be doing a two-day event but here's what I'm going to do for all my Top Gun Options members. Let's plan on September 9th and since it's a Friday we'll do a Top Gun Options event! Man I know all you guys have been like you know.

Well we all just got out of Covid prison. I'm in Florida man, Texas and Florida. We believe in individual liberty and freedom ain't no Covid prison down here. but put that down.

Let's plan on doing an event like the day of the ninth and then if you're interested we'll roll right into the Warrior Health Foundation event that night the gala which we'll sponsor. I think I'll have my kickers on my cowboy hat and then the next day we're gonna do a shoot and you're gonna get an operator on your team.

One of these guys that have just given a lot of sacrifice you're gonna get to be able to hang out with them and maybe September 8th. Maybe I'll bring both jets. I'm spitballing here but maybe on September 8th if I bring both jets over. Maybe we'll get to fly some lucky folks who are big supporters of the foundation? How about that? And maybe we'll take some of these tough Navy Seal guys up and see see how tough they are.

Don't tell them that because they're gonna beat the f out of me. They're a lot bigger than me so all right guys but great stuff going. I'm gonna go back inside. I'm actually gonna to finish today my manuscript man I got 14 chapters.

I've been going through editing and stuff like that detailing the Covid crash and how we nailed the market to the day. The only thank God, thank God, thank God that God takes care of fools, drunks, and sailors.

I got all three bases covered so last year 2020 was without a doubt one of the best years of my life and unfortunately it wasn't that way for a lot of people. We kind of went in kind of two different directions.

Folks even either had a fantastic year or got got hurt and I'm. trying to put down the ladder to to help out the folks that got hurt especially clearly our veterans but I love putting down the ladder for the Top gun Options members who capitalized on the Covid crash man and the resulting turn around. I remember all the idiots, the smart money on the way down. Oh this is the bottom. Oh, I'd buy here Trump. Looking good here I'd buy down three thousand I told you they were all wrong.

We nailed it. Don't buy the dip. Don't buy the dip. Don't buy the dip Jerome Powell here's a financial nuke, buy the dip and never look back and we did and on the way up the smart money. Oh we're gonna retest.

Again now we're gonna implode again what a bunch of idiots the smart money ain't that smart folks they're actually stupid. I spent a lot of time around folks on Wall Street and they put their pants or their pant suits on the same way you do and matter of fact I trust you over them. They push their own mother in front of a the train at Union Station to make a buck but that ain't enough. All right so great day a lot of going on with Top Gun Options, Top Gun Fighter Foundation, book coming out and my boy Matthew knocking it out of the park at at Norwich so keep up the good work son. Okay have a great rest of today. Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. Oh, real quick go Panthers so I got the Top Gun Option suite not only for the Stanley Cup playoffs and finals which the Panthers will be in but we also acquired the suite for the next three years.

So, if you're up for going to some Panthers games and you're down here in South Florida give me a call. Have a great day.