Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Top Gun Options Monday market outlook.My name is Matthew Buckley. My call sign is Whiz and folks I didn't go anywhere. Man. I am still here.

I just been busy focusing on our two investment clubs, our max afterburner self-direct investment club and also our other investment club - that we call the hunters. So I've been swamped.

I've been swamped with the with our investment clubs, as I just said, but also, with, with our foundation, Top Gun Fighter Foundation. Folks did a great event in Dallas this month, with the Warrior Health Foundation.Announced a big strategic partnership with vets and just trying to do the Lord's work and reduce veteran suicide as much as possible in the process of buying a jet for the foundation . I think we're, pretty damn close, might be actually picking it up next week up in Melbourne, Florida.

So really looking forward to it a ton of stuff going on. So my apologies a free sit rep. The situation report has kind of fallen off the the bottom, but folks, to be honest with you, when you get task saturated, you start eliminating tasks, and focus on the stuff that keeps you from flying into the side of a mountain.

So got a little bit of a bandwidth today on this Monday to check in with you see how everything's going. Also, let you know that on Thursday I'm going to open up one of our live trade briefs. I'm going to do Solo Amazon. Here's what you need to do. Head to! I'm going to do a solo Amazon brief Thursday at 1 pm eastern. Now for all of you who are already in solo Amazon we just did our brief today. Don't freak out that, oh, I didn't get it. Hey man, this is for potential new folks. So if you're currently a member you're already a member. Amazon has earnings after the close on Thursday and folks, you have got to come to the Solo Amazon brief to see what we're going to talk about. Well, what we're, going to talk about might be leaked a little bit, a while ago on twitter. Look at this man, fat, dumb and happy la la la la boom.

Amazon up, it was up as high as, how high did we get today? We got up to 3422 man. Look at this absolutely rip your face off rally pop out of Amazon. Why? Well come to the brief on Thursday. A little bit of a hint. It has to deal with Elon Musk? What Whiz? I thought you told me that Jeff Bezos would never split his stock.

Well, he didn't say never. He said only under a couple conditions would he consider splitting his stock. Well, a little mouse, somebody talked which technically is illegal. If somebody let out non-public information that they might announce that the stock is splitting on Thursday and this happened people should be wearing bracelets and going to jail.

Why? Well? Because guy's like me, because I'm sitting here short the 3350 calls I woke up. I'm like take a look at the chart for Amazon today. So there's a perfect example of how you know some you know only talk about their winners.

Let me talk about a loser right now. Look at Amazon in a holding pattern, getting ready for earnings, and then Whiz wakes up this morning right about here and sells. The 3350 calls for the week planned on day trading them making some nice money, bam.

I go from potentially making nice money to a kick in the teeth for about 23 grand down right now so I'm hanging on to them because I'm also hearing that they might not be announcing the stock split this week and then there was a little primer, mature, so anyway. Well, I got a nice day trade going here for all my, for the folks in the investment clubs, got an SPX bull put spread that I put on this morning up 72 percent about a 2,700 dollar profit.

There I didn't get Phil trying to exit. I figure I'm just going to sit here and make the full 3,800 bucks, so 3,800 bucks a day ain't too bad, but yeah that that leaves a mark right there. But I got some calls that are balancing them out. Performance for the day, still up 36 grand across my four, well technically two accounts. These two accounts are dead.

These two accounts are: what's called portfolio margining. To have a portfolio margin account eTrade's got to be married to a a regular quote account. So, let me give you a quick brief with what's going on. Like I said, head to because we're, going to talk about all things Amazon, Thursday at 1, 00 p.m. Eastern.

What's going on since we've last talked, well the world's completely going to in the four months that Joe Biden's been in the White House, I'm sorry, Kamala Harris has been in the White House. The world literally is imploding. Russia will invade Ukraine, not just eastern Ukraine. They already did that under Barack Hussein Obama . They will complete their invasion of Ukraine and take it back over.

China will invade and take back Taiwan. Israel will attack Iran. Here's a headline you don't want to see. Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor. Interception fails. Yeah that's not good. So Iranian proxies in Syria are launching ballistic missiles trying to attack Israel's nuke plant.

Does that sound great? Here in America we're talking about Lebron James and his great, you know, I got put in Facebook jail for the past three days. You want to know why Facebook jail. I posted that. Look at that. You can't post or comment for three days. Top Gun Options for the, this is funny. Well, apparently funny's illegal to people. For the record if someone is trying to stab me, I'd, appreciate you shooting them.

I got thrown in Facebook jail because it was violence or I don't even know, what the who cares, but it's just oh you can't make this stuff up right and I'm being honest. Hey man! If anybody's seeing me getting about to get stabbed I would appreciate you shooting them, but apparently with Facebook and all the limousine liberals that's not good. But anyway, Africom Chinese naval base in Africa set up to support aircraft carriers. Folks the world's just absolute insanity right now. North Korea is going to start doing nuke tests again and launching ballistic missiles.

So literally in the four months that Sleepy Joe has been in office, the world has decided to implode. Keep up the good work, Joe, how about that immigrant crisis on the border? Well, it's kind of gone away right. You know why? Because I have buddies, who came back in from the field armor officers who came back in from like a month in the field and hey get all the stuff out of your room by noon out? You're, going back in the field.

Why? Well we're, putting all these illegal immigrants and their families in military housing. So if we don't treat vets like in this country, bad enough. Now we're, going to treat our active duty military even worse by putting illegal immigrants in military bases in Arizona, New Mexico and California. That'll get the media not to pay attention to it anymore, .

This is a just monster rally. We've seen folks. This thing has not looked back. This is a massive week, however, folks this is look at these. What do we have? This week? We have a two day, Fed meeting Uncle Jerome or Jay as he likes to be called, Jay is speaking Wednesday.

We got potential blowout GDP numbers Thursday. We got inflation numbers. Mr Magoo is addressing the nation about his tax plan and earnings. Galore Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla. After the close today, Facebook, you name the earnings, they're happening this week, so it'll, be interesting to see what happens, especially with the President's speech. I can't stand watching the man talk. He just squints looking into the into the teleprompter. It's so annoying. I'm like hey, Mr President, just turn the teleprompter around so we can read it by ourselves without you, It's more annoying watching you just stumble and stutter through it. Let's just read the teleprompter together in silence, but it'll be interesting to see what happens or how the market reacts because we got that quote, surprise announcement.

Isn't it funny that the Biden tax proposal quote leaked to Bloomberg. You mean little Mikey Bloomberg, who spent like a hundred million dollars running for president. I think it was like a million dollars a vote the guy got. What an embarrassment, 100 million dollars. Folks, we have 60,000 homeless veterans in this country and Mikey spent 100 million bucks to find out that he sucked.

Anyway, yeah, you guys missed me, didn't you? So the market got slammed last week when Joe Biden and God bless all the limousine liberals that live in New York and California. Please stay there. Don't come to Texas. Don't come to Florida.

We're doing fine just without you, but the effective tax rate for some of these folks will be over 50 percent. You voted for it so enjoy it but anyway folks that's literally the definition of socialism. If you're giving more than half of what you make with your bare hands to the government that's the definition of socialism. It's here, folks. I love all the idiots who are like come on, Whiz, Joe Biden's a moderate. He's 47 years. He's crazy Uncle Joe. We know he sniffs children's hair and he's very creepy. He's, got a crackhead son but other than that he sees middle of the road.

This dude got into office and made a 90 degree left turn and has fallen off the cliff I don't even think he knows where he is or what he's signing, but the dude. You know they dropped the flag and raised the pirate flag man.

They're coming after everything, D.C statehood, Puerto Rico statehood. So let's get four more democrat senators so the Republicans can never be in office again and let's pack the court. It would be one thing if the Trump nominees got in the court and went crazy right? They haven't. They actually voted against the dude. You see that's how conservatives rule. They rule on the law, not emotion, so it would be one thing, Chuck Schumer if they, quote, conservative justices when ape shit, They haven't.

Unlike you, it's a disgrace. Naked power grab in this country, one party rule. How do you feel about that and tech giants putting me. You know I don't even have any twitter accounts anymore folks. It's nice free speech, right. I gave 15 years of my life to this country. I have tinnitus that is driving me insane literally. I think it's one of the reasons one of my buddies killed himself a couple years ago.

My hearing loss with this constant squeal in my head. Loved this country folks and look at what is happening to it. You know I haven't met one Biden voter who can point to something that he's done right.

But who cares? What Wall Street is telling us about the U.S. economic outlook? It's good. However, you ready for this. The economy is not the stock market and the stock market is not the economy. We saw that during the pandemic.

However, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, they're all doing what folks, as retail traders are piling in and this market never goes down and stocks only go up. Goldman is the last big bank to turn bearish. Sees the market dropping in coming months. Oh boy ,yep, as do I, wild market ride, lifts everything from stocks to bitcoin . When you see the words, lists everything that's called inflation, I don't care.

What Jerome Powell is telling us? You have got to be ready, folks, johnny, on the spot, for when, not if inflation is a shock and also Jerome Powell has to catch up. He has a 0.0 probability of making a soft landing with this economy.

He is balancing on a on a basketball with flaming chainsaws that he's juggling. It is not going to end well. In the primary life trade brief tomorrow morning, at 10 a.m. we're going to talk about this. If you're in pot stocks, you're yesterday's news. It's psychedelic stocks. Today I bought about 10,000 shares of Mind Medicine Inc, which goes public tomorrow. It's moving over to the NASDAQ.

Where are we, 2,300 bucks in a day ? This has a lot to do with the foundation I'm dealing in so we're gonna talk more about this in a primary trade brief tomorrow morning, but this is the new frontier, drug makers are realizing that people really don't want stuff made in a lab in a vial. They want stuff from nature.

I will give you personal anecdotes tomorrow about the folks that I met in Dallas, these these operators, these seals, these special forces, these green berets, who they were one step away from brushing their teeth with a gun and doing this saved their life.

And I'm going to pitch into this fight because you got to put the ladder down, unlike other people in this country who steal from people and are a drag and a menace to society here at Top Gun Options and the Top Gun Fighter Foundation. We put the latter down to help our brothers and sisters out. Okay, all right guys,! I got ta get going good to be back. I'm not gonna. I'm not promising these every day. Folks, like I said my I have other priorities I like doing these kind of free fitness reports and you know it's interesting. How many folks would complain in the support box that they're not getting their free stuff? It's pretty interesting, but I'll do my best. I'll try and be a good Wing man and keep knocking these out all right guys.

I'll get going, have a great rest of your day, happy hunting and make sure you're hedging. God bless. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Make sure you register for the Solo Amazon brief on Thursday, See ya.