UPDATE 8/31 PLTB update close VXX Sept7 27.5/28.5 bull put spread @.25 debit for $2200/42% profit in TWO days! Another great volatility trade, or leave on as a 'Tredge'

PLTB members (and potential new members) -

AWESOME session this afternoon where we covered closing the RTN iron condor and short calls for a total notional profit of $4570 in 3 weeks on limited risk of $10,000.

A lot going on globally & domestically on so please make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of the page. Today we see ANOTHER ‘market up/VIX up/something is up’ move which means it’s time to hedge while insurance us cheap. Or more to the point, it's time to "Tredge".

2 week Test Flight – if you're not a member please follow this link and for ONLY $38 you can take a 2 tour at Top Gun Options and get access to our industry leading live training services.

If you missed yesterday's Weekly Options Brief and new AMZN bull put spread you can follow this link to see the trade and watch the replay at the bottom of the page.

Here's the new bull put spread on VXX, what we call a 'Tredge' (make sure you watch the replay below to find out what this tactic is):

Trade metrics:

WOLTB replay: