UA members (and potential new Full Throttle members):

Having a great day 2 of our full throttle week with A LOT to go.

Congratulations to our newest MOTIVATED Full Throttle Max members (they called and grabbed their slots before the official open tomorrow at 1 PM. Why? They got the FT Max membership. Call Annie at 757-300-1084 to grab yours NOW if interested, I will brief the 3 "tracks" you can join tomorrow, this is the most elite track):

Devendra, PA
Steve, AZ
Dino, LA
B. Turner, WV

I will officially open all 3 tracks after accelerated Retirement session starting at 1 PM tomorrow. You will be able to choose from 3 packages:

Max Afterburner (4 of these slots are gone)

I'll explain what is in each package tomorrow. And they will be gone at this rate before we close on Friday...

Here's an overall look at the new VXX hedge and updates to existing positions:

New VXX bullish double vertical HEDGE (not a trade...but a HEDGE, make sure you watch video below):

Trade metrics:

Video review of VXX trade and portfolio positions: