Good Tuesday afternoon and welcome aboard our Top Gun Options situation report. This is Mathew Buckley, call sign Whiz. Just want to give a quick shout out to Steve Cohen and Alex and the Mets organization, world class organization. I would like to thank you for inviting me and my family and other Navy veterans to the game last Saturday night. That was awesome. Great victory over Pittsburg. And thank you for letting me tell 40,000 people in the stadium out our No Fallen Heroes project and goal of saving veterans' lives.

Got that video on our Maverick Options and No Fallen Heroes pages. Getting on an airplane tomorrow to fly up to Alabama to pick up one of our fighter jets that we are going to fly out to Miramar Marine Corps Air Station on Thursday for the Miramar Air Show. So if you are at the Miramar Air Show this weekend make sure you drop by the Veterans' Prostate Cancer and No Fallen Heroes booths.

No live trade briefs tomorrow or Thursday. Bart is doing charts on Friday. 132 people are registered for that brief. Check you emails if you want to join Bart on Friday.

You really want to know what happens after the Fed tomorrow. What was supposed to happen to night was that Putin was supposed to give a major war time speech that was postponed until tomorrow.

Really weird Russia today. Really good or really bad. The occupied regions are going to "vote" to join Russia. This is cut and paste Adolf Hitler. There are ethnic Germans in the Sudentenland and I am going to invade and make them part of Germany.

I could write this guy's speech. Now if you attack these people you are attacking Russia. It is not a special military operation any more. When, not if, Vladimir Putin ups the ante with nukes in Ukraine the market will tank. It does not help that Biden says we will fight to defend Taiwan either.

The Germans will have a tough winter and will be rationing natural gas. It Switzerland they have been told to shower together????!!!

The SPAC king is closing shop because he failed to make deals. Isn't it great when billionaires screw up? I told you years ago to ignore both Bitcoin and SPACs as you are going to go broke.

As the SPAC king closes down he is hurting individual investors.

The awful FedEx earnings are the canary in the coal mine.

The market is headed lower and the Fed is likely to hike rates by 0.75%. I will flying over Arkansas with Powell speaks. This is the most highly anticipated talk since Jackson Hole and the market will freak out.

When Powell said he did not want a taper tantrum the market went up. Then Powell said pain, he would inflick pain to kill inflation and the market tanked. If Powell is anythink like he was at Jackson Hole we are back to June lows. I have shifted my flag and expect a down market.

I nailed Biden's sophmore year as a recession until they changed the definition. Check out podcast 34, the great redefinition.

That is what is going on here folks. Make sure to check out episode 40 my suffering is a gift. Killing three generations of Iraqis in a air strike gone wrong, on your knees with a gun in your mouth and then made whole by psychedelic medicine. Check it out.

Final reminded. Full throttle is closed. Solo Amazon is still open, Save $100 when you join.

Got to get going, pack for my trip. Come to the No Fallen Heroes kiosk at the Miramar Air Show.

Have a great rest of your day. Make sure you hedge. God bless and fights on.