Good morning, afternoon and evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard our Tuesday market outlook here at Top Gun Options. Mathew Buckley. My call sign is Whiz. Folks, we are in the middle of it. If you head to, stand for Full Throttle, you can register to attend the remaining three live trade briefs. If you missed this morning's brief at 10 am I got you covered because the replay is posted. We closed a Goldman Sachs bearish trade from Friday for a 92% profit, $3,300 in a couple of days. And we added to our portfolio with an Amazon bear call spread. Look at this, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 melting down today. You can see how we fell, kind of hovered and melted into the close.

Amazon today did the same thing as the S&P 500.

Look here where the S&P 500 is touching the 200-day moving average. It is going to fall and we are going to get a February shit show. Look at how the last three times we have had kind of a bear market rally up to the 200-day moving average and it failed. So, make sure you watch this morning's replay at

Look at how we nailed Goldman Sachs, earnings and then slam. Down 7, 8% from when I put on that bear call spread. Are we doing it or not. A week and a half of trading and up $5,700. That is officially two years of a full throttle membership. I am going to teach you how to do this. Just register,

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We have Ukraine a nightmare where we have to do decide whether we are going to keep arming Ukraine or arm ourselves. A three star admiral says that we have to decide to arm Ukraine or arm ourselves. Why?

Ukraine has not lost yet but they are not winning and Russia has not lost yet and they are not winning. Why don't we keep funneling weapons in there so they can kill each other or maybe we can give peace a chance? That is not only me be Elon Musk, the Pope, and Henry Kissinger. Old me would have swam across the Atlantic to fly a mig 21 to bomb Russia. The new me, what's the point? Sit down for a couple of days and talk and if after a couple of days you cannot work it out, go back to killing each other.

Anyway, 2023 is going to be a bigger train wreck, a bigger recession than 2022. Bigger bear market. That is my prediction for the coming year. And we are going to print money. Look at Goldman again. This is buy the rumor, sell the news. Whenever you see this kind of runup into earnings it is buy the rumor, sell the news.

JP Morgan got hit. Morgan Stanley got hit. All the banks were buy the rumor and sell the news. The housing market is softening and, buy the way, the Republicans and the debt ceiling. We run out of money on Thursday. Did you hear that, Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary? We're broke. We are out of money but Yellen says the Treasury can use extraordinary measures to fund the government until spring.

Get ready for an absolute shit show and we are going to print money off of it.

Republicans are already preparing so that we can fund the military and old folks' checks. Joe Biden
says we are not cutting a dime. Under Obama the idiot Republicans in the House and Senate forced a government shutdown. The bond markets go insane and it is free money for us trading options. The VIX goes through the roof and the market tanks. We are not going to shut the government down and it is a debt ceiling fight and for us it will be free money.

Unless you are here you are not going to get in for free. So, join these free briefs, Watch the first replay,

Have a great rest of your day. Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. God bless. Fight's on and namaste.