Good Tuesday afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Top Gun Options and Maverick Options Intel Brief Mathew Buckley here, call sign Whiz. Hopefully, everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. I had a blast. Got to watch my boy Jack with the Florida Panthers AA hockey team. He scored the game-winning goal for the championship, the Labor Day Tournament Cup. I had a great time. Friday got to drop the jet off in Gadsden, Alabama for the annual inspection.

Now it is time to get back to work. When you get a minute listen to the Max Afterburner podcast. You will hear about my brother, Slider. Great American, ton of combat experience, Kosovo, Iraq. Unfortunately, he had a weapons delivery go horribly wrong and took out 9 inocent Iraqis, three generations. Go to Spotify or Apple Podcast for part one of Slider’s journey.

He lays out the weapons delivery gone wrong and how it could have ended his life at his own hand.

And, next week at this time we will be airborne with our FREE Full Throttle options training. All you need to register is go to, stands for Full Throttle. We do not do trials here at Top Gun Options. You come right and and see how we do things in real time. I do not charge any money. You get to come in and see in current member briefs what we are doing. Here are our results, $44,000 in one month in just one month. Taking sniper shots and making profits. Two market days here, up $5,500. This is three years of your Afterburners membership.

Russian admits weaponization of natural gas as Russia pushes Europe into an inflationary currency collapse. Europe is getting ready for a brutal winter. Showed you how a clip of how a woman in Ireland had a $10,000 gas bill for two months. Not only do we have a shit show here in the USA but it is worse in Europe.

Biden is declaring half of America enemies of the state. Things are bad in China, Taiwan, Israel, Iran, etc. Back here in the USA Jerome Powell said he would do nothing to upset the market and it rallied and then he said nothing was more important than bringing inflation down and the market tanked. So, we are in an incredibly tactical market right now. That is why I talk about taking these sniper shots at the S&P 500. We have two groups the Hunters and then our lifetime members the Max Afterburner group. Here we post our trades and here our intelligence. Intelligence and open and closed trades.

I am going to teach you how to do this, folks. This is not rocket science. We have little old ladies in tennis shoes doing this. We have retirees, attorneys, doctors, active duty military, a wide range of folks. At last count we had 35 different countries represented in our groups.

I am going to teach you how to trade this crazy market. I do not like this as an America. But, as a Gordon Gekko I love it. I will teach you how to do this, Check out Slider’s journey. And, make sure you follow us at Maverick Options. We are having to create a new brand after being kicked off of Facebook for telling the truth.

Now we are up another $1,000 on this trade, up $6,200 all told. This is the weekly options portfolio. I manage six of them. You will get access to all of them. Got to get going. Have a great rest of your day. Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. God bless and Fight’s on.