Good Tuesday afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to holy inflation Batman as the Dow is down 1,100 points. About a month ago Biden said inflation would go to zero. what he meant was month to month changes. It is hanging at about 8%. If we calculate inflation like they used to we are at about 17% and look at the market fall. The S&P 500 is down about 3.5%. I was going to consider a bull put spread earlier but look at what our max afterburned group does. Our guys were dog fighting, turning potentially losing trades into winning trades.

When did they do this? When I said feeling a slam into the close and then here it comes.
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Awesome news that Ukraine made huge gains and then all of Russians cleared out of the areas. Is Russia going to use tactical nukes? Ukraine's military chief has said they do not rule out a limited nuclear war. Like his soldiers in Putin doomed? I would like nothing better than for Vladimir Putin to go away, be overthrown. But we have to consider the terrible possibility that he will use nuclear weapons to stave off a battlefield defeat.

If the Dow is down over 1000 points on hot inflation numbers tell me how the Dow will look if Putin uses tactical nuclear weapons? The VIX goes to 60 and the Dow down to 25%.

How is inflation? Horrible. Two successive months of lower economic growth used to be a recession but they are not calling it a recession now. We have one from just over 1% inflation when Biden took office and after continual spending we are at the highest in forty years.

We are all burning from inflation and the Fed is doing nothing about it. Most likely the Fed will raise by 75 basis points next week. The SP 500 is still falling and if you had been in the Hunters or Max Afterburner and listened to me you could have made real money trading this drop in the S&P 500! We teach you how to do all of this stuff. It is not rocket surgery.

There is a chance that the Fed will raise rates by 1% which they should have been doing already but they are afraid of a taper tantrum with markets imploding. People are not buying puts because they believe the Fed will tread cautiously. We are actually seeing FOMO in the markets right now. Everyone believes that Jerome Powell will cut rates at the first sign of trouble and they are right. I think the market will float down to 3900 and then we will get a snap back, folks. We will likely have a rally into the end of the year.

Might see a little bit of a seasonal shit show in October but after Haloween the Santa Clause rally into the end of the year will take the market up. But, if Israel attacks Iran, Putin uses nukes in Ukraine, China invades Taiwan, all bets are off. There a lot of potential black swan events out there. At Top Gun Options I am going to show you how to profit. Show you how to have contingency plans. Go to where we open up the doors once a quarter. We only open 50 slots and there are 43 left.

Check out the replay page and my journey, especially if you are stuggling. Or, if you are doing great and want to print money on the psychedelic space take a look.

Have a great rest of your day. Make sure you hedge. God bless. Fight's on and namaste.