Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Election day in America and everything is broken again. We can put a man on the moon but we cannot get elections right. We should make it a national holiday and make voting a requirement.

It is already a shit show and you are getting a preview of my debrief. Go to and sign up. I told you this is what would happen. I said Donald Trump would win on election night and then lose ove the following weeks. It is happening again.

Right now all I care about is making money and I am going to teach you how to make money in this environment tomorrow and Thursday, 7 pm.

Solo Whiz, my election rant, episode 44 podcast goes into how now is a little bit like the Wild West so we need to tighten our shit up right now. So, do me a favor, listen to the podcast.

Another time with Covid. Kyle Bass, the smart money, if this guy is the smart money I am the investor of the universe. This dude said today today what I said two years ago. The covid pandemic solved two problems, the cost of sending students abroad for school and the protest in Hong Kong.
They could not send tanks into Hong Kong but the virus sent everyone home under lockdown.

These are the same folks who told you to buy all the way down during the covid crash when we sold and printed money. Then at the bottom when we pivoted and started to buy they said to sell!

Two weeks ago I was a Putin sympathizer and now the White House is in talks with top Putin aids. The US has privately asked Ukraine to show it is willing to negotiate. By the way there are American boots on the ground in Ukraine even though the White House said there would never be. Meanwhile Ukraine openly rejects talks with Russia. Then Ukraine states their conditions for talks.

The reason this is happening is because of the polls. People in American have had it. Spending billions to fight for Ukraine’s borders when ours is wide open. Hundreds of people are dying every day from fentanol pouring across our border. 60 thousand veterans homeless, 44 day kill themselves. And we are spending billions to kill people, young people in Ukraine.

Interesting day in the market, all over the place. We got bullish on ConnocoPhillips where we added to our synthetic stock position.Look at all the energy names and their rip your face off rally. Get bullish on oil.

What did I tell you the last earnings period. All of the tech companies are cutting their work forces. You can bet that Biden will blame the red wave for the recesion getting worse. Wall Street believes that the red wave will push stocks higher. Get ready for the Santa Claus rally,

I am going to show you what we are going to target in our Santa Claus rally. Look at how the VIX is dying, like nothing bad is going on, ever. Every time we get an extended period of low volatility holy crap we get a VIX surge, like a heart rate monitor.

We are going to buy and get ready for a Santa Claus rally but we are also going get ready if the shit hits the fan. When something happens bad in North Korea, Ukraine, or wherever we have always got to be ready.

CPI comes out on Thursday, the Fed’s inflation gauge. If inflation comes in hot again the market is probably going to give a little bit back.

Meanwhile the economy is not the market and the market is not the economy. This is why you need to be here at Top Gun Options. I can teach you a whole lot of stuff about stuff. Two free debriefs this week. Make sure to watch the podcast, free debrief tomorrow and Thursday.

Have a great rest of your night, happy hunting, make sure you hedge, God bless, fight’s on, namaste.

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