Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our Friday wrap up here at Top Gun Options. I am Mathew Buckley, call sign Whiz. What a fantastic week from financial earnings, to Jerome Powell to document dumps by the President's Corvette in his garage. But, before we get into all that, you need to register for three live trade briefs, Actually four starting Tuesday at 10 am.

War, inflation, recession, and we are crushing it. We are having an absolutely fantastic time trading this extremely volatile market. I am going to give you the stocks and indices that I am targeting for profits. I will give you all of this plus our trade plan and pocket checklist. Read these over the weekend before you come to the briefs next week. I am getting on an airplane here in God's waiting room, Boca Raton, and heading up to Chicago for Martin Luther King weekend up in Chicago with my son, Jack, playing hockey up there.

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You cannot make this up. Trump is in trouble for keeping classified documents and now Biden has done worse. Trump took the docs as president but Biden took them as the VP.

God has a sense of humor. George Floyd memorial was struck by lightning.

Biden hid all of this before the election. I love seeing folks twist themselves into a pretzel over this stuff.

Now we are running out of ammo and will soon face the decision arm Ukraine or arm us. And Biden depleted the strategic petroleum reserve again just before the election.

The US is draining its munitions stockpiles to fight a proxy war in Russia. Now we are going to have to cough up more money to restock our ammunition and weapons. Ukraine figures it is a shoe in to become a NATO member because it is full of NATO weaponry.

The point is that this is getting worse and worse, spiraling out of control with a nuclear power. You figure it out. And now the housing market bubble is making 2000 look qaint. The housing market bubble is popping. The jobs market is softening. Interest rates are still going up. Goldman Sachs lost $3 on stuff they don't usually do. Get back to taking care of the rich and you do OK. Bear call spread on financials.

It is all about what they say going forward and they say we are in a recession despite Biden saying it isn't. We are going to print money as we pound this market into the dirt.

Services CPI is at its highest in 40 years. The Fed wants to start losing their jobs so that inflation backs off. Even Buffett and Munger have never invested in this environment.

Powell says the Fed will not be a climate policy maker. Two mandates, employment and interest rates. Finally came back to the truth.

This will be an absolute a shit show with the debt ceiling default. Will get long on volatility. It will be bad for the country and great for us. I will show how to do this. It will be an awful February.

Free brief to show how to do it,

Have a great rest of your day. Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. God bless and namaste.