Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. Welcome to Monday's market outlook here at Maverick Options and Top Gun Options. Tonight is the night ladies and gentlemen.

Monday, September 12 at 7:30 pm we are going to kick off this quarter's free Full Throttle training. All you have to do to sign up is go to, stands for Full Throttle. You will get access to four, maybe five if I am in a good mood, live trade briefs this week. I am going to teach you how to make money in this volitile market.

Check out a couple of trades we have working right now. Take a look at the metrics of this trade I placed today. It is up $1,200 in just 45 minutes. It is an Iron Condor on the S&P 500. Risking $3,300 to potentially make $4,200. This trade expires at the closing bell today. This trade has an 81% probability of making $4,200. That would pay for a year and a half of your Top Gun Options membership.

I sent this out to our Max Afterburner folks who are our lifetime members. Also sent to our Hunters over here. I am going to teach you how to do this folks. This ain't rocket surgery. It is pretty damned cool. Head to Also make sure before you check in tonight listen to episode 39 of Slider, Mark Keller, former Tomcat guy, his journey from a couple of dark nights of the soul when on a night in Iraq he killed three generations of a family with a weapons delivery gone wrong.

He did everything right but it just went wrong. He had a horrific time with this folks. Check out Slider's journey literally from the depths of hell to the healing of psychedelic therapy and eugenic medicine. It saved Slider's life. So make sure you check it out before the session tonight.

Great news over the weekend but maybe not great news. We will take this slowly. Tactically Ukraine pushing back Russian forces is awesome. They've done a counter offensive. They've gotten more than a thousand square miles back in Ukrainian control.
That is awesome tactically. Why do I say tactically? Because strategically Putin says he is going to weaponize the winter. Furthermore Putin and everyone else in Russia has said that if you back us into a corner we are going to use nukes.

Despite may in the West saying it would never happen Ukraine's military chief has said they do not rule out a limited nuclear war. Before this gets totally out of hand somebody needs to join me, the Pope, and Henry Kisinger and start sueing for peace.

Before my life changed I would have wanted to go over there and slam the Russians. Now I just want peace. It makes no sense. They have been killing each other over land. Are you kidding?

Other news the Iranian nuke deal sounds like it is dead. Israel is not going to let Iran get nuclear weapons. That would be a black swan event. It is a matter of when and not if that Israel will attack.

Earning starting to come up. Another earnings season. Commentators are all worried about earnings affecting the markets. But, nobody cares. All they care about is the Fed and when the Fed will quit raising interest rates and cutting their balance sheet so that we can party again. The Federal Reserve is both the dealer and the drug addict, the arsonist and the volunteer fire department. It does matter folks. I am giving you a strategic brief because Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Taiwan all matter and the Fed matters.

Nobody is buying puts right now because everyone believes that Jerome Powell will cut rates at the first sign of trouble and they are right. When Powell said noone wants the market to go down with a taper tantrum and we had a rip your face off rally. Might see that again this year. We will see. But, guess what happens after that. Elections and the Santa Claus rally.

You might not like it but don't fight the Fed and don't fight the trend and the trend is your friend. So, we have an Iron Condor working here with the potential of making $4,200 and the risk of $3,300.

Let's break this down into a bull put spread and bear call spread. When you put this two things together it turns into a tactic called an iron condor. I will teach you how to do that. I call this a football trade. All the price needs to do is stay within the "goal posts" on the graph and we have max profit. We have an 82% chance of that being the case. The odds of at least breaking even are 89% How many of your folks would just love to make $4,200 in one day of trading?

Join us tonight for the welcome abord brief and then at 10 am tomorrow the first primary live trade brief. Of the folks who join I will pick one (who is physically qualified) to go flying with me in my real fighter jet. Worth its weight in gold. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Head to to sign up and you will use the same link to attend all of the briefs. You will get our seven step trade plan and the options pocket checklist. make sure to read these over before attending.

Got to get going. Have a great rest of your day. Make sure you hedge. Fight's on and namaste.