AYT&D members -

Debriefed a losing FXI trade - CH data better than expected...but is it to be believed? Doesn't matter at this point, but for now I'm holding the Aug18 43/43.5 bear call spread. I think FXI will eventually 'wake up' that things are bad - but it can remain irrational longer than I can stay solvent so after this current loss and Aug18 bear call spread I may sit on the bench and grab some popcorn.

GOOD discussion on volatility - please make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of the page if you couldn't attend or missed anything.

AMZN is the gift that keeps on giving! Nice looking bull put spread from yesterday's AR session, make sure you check it out if you missed it. This time last month I predicted AMZN 1900 and we put it right through the bullseye.

Long VIX calls:

New VXX bullish double vertical:

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