PLTB members –

Welcome aboard to all the new Full Throttle members! Make sure you get started by knocking out watching the training vids by following this link & starting with session 1.

We had a GREAT one day weekly options trade – the AMZN bull put spread sent out to weekly options members yesterday we discussed closing this afternoon for a $2010/89% profit in ONE day. This single trade pays for an annual DEFENSIVE membership – if you’re in a monthly membership or taking a 2 week test flight you can upgrade TODAY by calling support (754) 300-1084.

If you’re on a 2 week test flight you do NOT have access to the Accelerated Retirement brief tomorrow at 1 PM where we’re going to get REALLY long volatility or the Analyze your Trade & Debrief session on Thursday at 1 PM where we will cover FXI. Call and upgrade today to get access to MAX Afterburner or follow this link to grab an annual or monthly slot by clicking on the image on the top of the page.

We covered closing an existing XLE bull put spread that expires Friday for $1950/94% profit in 2 weeks, while holding the 77/77.5 bear call spread that is showing a $600 gain.

We looked to leg into an iron condor on RTN with a new bear call spread:

Trade metrics:

Here’s what the resulting iron condor looks like – NOTE the reduced overall risk of the iron condor versus the individual spread:

We also covered selling front month upside calls if an existing Jan20 long call diagonal:

PLTB replay: