TGO members -

Closed the doors on another successful Full Throttle week and have our 50 new members! As some of you know from experience, we're already getting calls/emails asking if they can be 51! We keep TGO a small, tight-knit squadron for a reason! Thanks for your patience this week!

A couple of you asked today for a signed copy of my book, follow this link and I'll get one out to you ASAP. Chuck - yours is on the way!

Today I covered slamming WYNN into the dirt but wanted to focus on vol, for those in the webinar that did the bear call spread when I started the webinar they were up 10-15% in an hour.

I looked to add a bullish double vertical on VXX to cover a volatility Feb and the next government shutdown from Cryin Chuck.

Trade analytics:

AYT&D live trade brief replay: