Good morning. On my shitty trades if you do the opposite you will make money. Musk says he is done selling stock and is going to start buying again. I don’t care that my calls were assigned. I now have more cash to trade Amazon.

If you just one trade one stock on a company that is not going out of business, like Amazon, you get to know it. You eat, breathe, sleep the stock. Our new guy, Dr. Handel, has 32 positions.

Staying away from Tesla but something Musk said rings true. He says that wokeness is hateful and exclusionary at its heart. It gives mean people an excuse to be mean.

In 2021 there was a record or inflow into the market. By who? By you, at home, locked up, trading on Robinhood. The super wealthy have been selling at the highest rate ever. Millionaires are cashing out and going to New Zealand.They know what is coming. From Obama to Trump to this dude it has been a death spiral downhill.

And, companies are going to be putting more money into dividends and buybacks in 2022.

Meanwhile The New York Times reported that the “precise” air campaign in the Middle East killed 100s of children.

And, US leaders in the last years have presided ovee the demise of US military power while the Chinese have gotten stronger.

And, Biden’s sophmore year is going to be terrible.

That is where you start when you wonder how the market will be next year.

The experts keep getting it wrong about how a new variant will destroy the market.

I don’t care which way the market is going. I would prefer that it goes up and helps peoples’ 401Ks but we can make money either way.

In three months campaigning will start, both for the midterm elections and for the 2024 presidential campaign.

When you don’t know what is going to happen in the market. Get into cash. My house doubled in value and I bought two fighter jets, things with real value.

Step zero in all of this, go to cash.

If the market starts to rally you miss out on the first part of the rally. If the market tanks and you are still in it, you take the elevator down and lose everything.

If you have FOMO, you are trading wrong.

Step one is to run to MA, MA takes care of shit show, FOMO. Microsoft, Amazon, print money.

If the bullish scenario works out these guys will print even more money.

Amazon has minimal exposure in China and would not be hurt if they are kicked out. Apple would be in big trouble both in terms of sales and production if they are kicked out of China. Tesla has China risk too.

So we have cash and MA. That takes care of shit show and a bull market.

And, the last of the three is go nuts. At the Battle of Bastogne the Germans demanded the Americans’ unconditional surrender and the American general replied, NUTS. (McCauliff)

The only way you can go nuts is you believe. that the Fed nails it. This is a gamble because they have been wrong before.

If they do their job the taper has to stop and they raise interest rates in March. The market will really care but only when it really happens.

When you start taking liquidity away for real, real assets go down.

You really can thread the needle with a little of number one (cash). And some of MA or any stable company. And, very little NUTS.

Amazon over the last year. Level. I have made money trading it. Look at Amazon over the years. Takes a year off. Rallies.

I am going to be 60% Amazon, 40% cash. I am mostly in cash and MA and my NUTS is SILL, only $11,000 but still a little bit of NUTS.

I expect the shit show to start early, January or February.

Got to go. Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. God bless. Namaste. (Means the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.)

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