AYT&D members (and potential new members):

Awesome session this afternoon! If you didn't get a chance to attend or you missed anything make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of the page.

We covered A LOT of ground in our strategic & operational brief then got tactical by reviewing existing trades on SPX, XOM, RTN, CSX, and VXX while looking at a new bearish trade on China. For current members that are up to speed on bearish double verticals, I'd look to pound FXI into the dirt with that tactic. If the PBOC 'steps in to save capitalism'...and it works (which it won't - market will panic for bottoming out) we may leg into an iron condor.

Our Jan20 CSX position is CRUSHING it after the YUGE earnings beat the other day and the bull put spread from yesterday is already airborne and making money.

For potential new members:

If you don't know what a 'double vertical' is or what 'legging into an iron condor' means, when you become a member you get access to 8 training sessions that take you from the very basics of of options all the way up to trading iron condors. You'll also get access to all of our existing positions like our long term Jan20 positions that are doing exceptionally well - like RTN.

If you'd like to take a 2 week test flight into 2 of our most popular live trade briefs follow this link to get airborne today!

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NOTE - many members upgrade to annual memberships after a couple months SO the better trade is to get airborne with an annual membership. We have a good looking iron condor going right down the fairway on XOM that could potentially see $4400 in profit on limited risk of $3600. This ONE trade could potentially pay for a couple years of your TGO membership.

New FXI bear call spread:

Trade metrics:

AYT&D replay:

NOTE - we had a power surge so there's about a 5 min lapse in the middle, the whole webinar recorded. So just skip past the dead zone: