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I did a 30 min video for this trading E book a couple weeks ago called Indicators that make Dollars and Sense and I think they have some other good sessions in here, follow this link to take a look at my trade, along with I think 5 or 6 other heavies.

Action packed live training session this afternoon, make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of this page if you missed anything or couldn't attend.

Covered world events that are rattling the markets, along with operational issues from the PA election to the selection of Larry Kudlow as the chair of the NEC.

Looked to close the current MGM 33/32.5 Mar29 bull put spread @.03 for a $1800/95% gain in 2 weeks.

Also discussed managing front month upside calls in JPM and looked to leg into an iron condor on MGM by starting with a bull put spread:

Trade metrics:

AR replay: