AR members -

Went a little long today, my apologies, but a good session. Remembered 4 Americans left to die on 9/11/12 that many want us to forget about. I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Please click on this link for more info on TGO coaching levels

Here's the list of members who have contacted me for coaching or are current coaching clients (CO means Commanding Officers Club):

Clay (CCC to CO in Oct)
Fish (CO)
John (from Elderslie, Scotland - birthplace of William Wallce!)
Steve (CO)
Amy (CO)

Some of these folks are not starting immediately, so if you are interested in Commanding Officer's Club (highest level of service) or Commodore's Club please shoot me an email at [email protected] and we'll figure out what is best for YOU.

Lost in all the 9/11 remembrances yesterday were the 4 Americans left to die in Benghazi. Please check out my post on the TGO FB page and share with your family & friends.

Good discussion about the transports making a run, but we already know that with our CSX trades. The gift that keeps on giving. Current short calls and iron condor are looking good.

Covered a new 'Tredge' on VXX since 'something is most likely going to happen in the next week and a half to freak the market out and vol to spike':

Trade metrics:

ARLTB replay: