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Welcome to our emergency volatility brief as many of you are having emergencies right now. I am shocked that the CPI came in exactly to the decimal point. Short both on Amazon and Target. Everything is imploding. Admin item. I am on spring break next week. One week a year. To out to the mountains. Get in a little skiing with my wife and family.

In May we will see the squel to Maverick. And the sequel to that is no fallen heros. What happens when you step out of the cockpit and have to deal with the after effects of the trauma of war.

Volatile market and made $6,000 in three hours on trades. The rallies are getting smaller. I could not be more bearish. If you bought anything on the rallies yesterday you are a fool! Each of these is a short squeeze. Russian economy is in shock. The Kremlin says this. Word that should freak you out? War. The reason Japan attacked the US was oil. Economic war turn into shooting wars. The US is afraid of getting into a shooting war US vs Russia.

But, great trades yesterday. How was the CPI. Came in as predicted. I think it is a lie. Will be “adjusted” later. They did the same under Obama.

If we are looking for arms to send to the Ukrainians we should ask the Taliban to give us some of the $85 billion in arms that we left there. Meanwhile, homeless veterans are sleeping in the street! 200,000 illegal immigrants came into the US last month! The army is supposed to be defending out homeland!

Amazon OK’s a 20 for 1 stock split. Buys back $10 billion of their shares. That is bullish!

In my briefs I cover strategic, operational, and tacticsl. What is going around in the world and in the country and then how will we trade. Politics drives the market like with the government shutdowns under Biden. We always printed money when that happened.

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Have a great rest of your day Happy hunting. Make sure you hedge. God bless.