PLTB members -

If you're looking for a last minute Xmas idea follow this link to get an autographed copy of my book 'From Sea Level to C Level'. If you want it made out to someone shoot me an email and let me know. [email protected]

Good review of where the market is now and why when you hear me say 'Vix up, market up, something is up!' Please watch the replay at the bottom of the page if you missed anything or couldn't attend.

We reviewed in a down market selling front month at the month (or even in the money) calls on long Jan20/21 positions. Also looked at SDS calls and hedging against a Fed surprise.

We also looked at closing yesterday's VXX weekly options trade (Dec18 40/39.5 bull put spread) for a nice $1760/67% profit in ONE day.

No new positions, we need to see what Mr. Powell has to say tomorrow so please make sure to attend the Accelerated Retirement brief tomorrow at 1 PM.

The replay from today's session is posted below: