TGO members –

I am pleased to announce the launch of our newest live trade brief focused solely on trading AMZN (we will also cover trading XLY as a good substitute since AMZN makes up 25% of this ETF).

It’s called Solo Friday and you can grab your TGO members only price of $97/month, or $897/year (a 25% discount).

As with our other live training we will limit the numbers of members so please grab your slot TODAY before we open it up to non-members.

Follow this link to grab your discounted slot

Recently we covered the topic of ‘cleaning up’ our trading cockpit and focusing a new service on trading one name and many of you have expressed interest in this idea.

There are many advantages to focusing on one solid name like AMZN:

  • You trade the same name and potentially profit no matter what direction AMZN moves – up, down, or sideways
  • You stay focused on the news that impacts AMZN instead of many different stocks or ETFs
  • You become an ‘expert’ in the name, reducing time spent on other positions
  • And many other benefits...

We’ll cover more benefits (and the main RISK) to Solo Friday in our first brief next Friday, April 19th.

Click here to be a Solo Friday member

Good session this afternoon! Make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of the page.

We looked to close an existing iron condor on FXI before China macro data are released tonight, a new 'Burner Trade' on FXI, and legged into an iron condor on EWZ.

PLTB orders today:

New FXI Burner Trade:

Trade metrics:

New EWZ bull put spread (would NOT do as a standalone trade, legging into iron condor with existing 43.5/44 bear call spread):

Trade metrics:

PLTB replay: