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Today's brief is a MUST watch. If you couldn't attend or missed anything please watch the replay at the bottom of the page when it's posted.

We covered the potential breaking point of the Trump presidency and why his two YUGE mistakes - while short SHORT term bullish for the market - will be BAD for markets.

As volatility implodes (for today) I'd be looking to get long again, and close the VXX shorts.

Overall look at what we covered in training:

I covered shorting the S&P500 at or just above the 50 DMA, and also why I trade SPX over SPY. I covered an uber conservative, conservative, and aggressive bear call spread, getting filled on the aggressive spread over in the AYT&D portfolio:

Trade metrics:

New V bear call spread, legging into iron condor:

Trade metrics:

Added short calls on my V Jun21 synthetic stock position:

V short call metrics:

PLTB replay: