Who Should Consider Options Trading?

Everyone would like more money. Everybody wants to have enough when they retire and wants to live comfortable, travel, etc. Not everyone makes enough money accomplish everything that they would like. And, even if you do make a lot of money, where do you put it? Inflation eats up the savings in your bank savings account. Stocks go up and then they go down, taking your savings with them. The shopping mall you invested in is now sitting empty. You hire someone to manage your money. They charge you for their services and then mess up and you lose, but not them. One approach that makes sense for many is trading options. Who should consider options trading? Is it for everyone?

Who Cares More About Your Money Than You?

One would think that smart folks whose job it is to manage investment portfolios would help keep your money safe, keep it growing. That is all too often not the case. When the market is going up everyone is a genius. Then it goes down and the finger pointing starts. All too often the “smart money” is not all that smart. You portfolio manager comes up with all sorts of excuses when he or she loses your money in a “down market.” The problem is that nobody cares more about your money than you do. If you want to succeed in growing your wealth it typically works the best when you take charge.

Best Ways to Grow Your Wealth

The US stock market has generally been a good way to grow wealth. Even after the market crashes it tends to recover and go forward. If you are willing to put your money into a mix of secure stocks and forget about them you will generally have more ten, twenty or thirty years later. If you need your money somewhere along the way you need to hope that another Financial Crisis, Covid crash, or dot com crash has not just occurred. Here is where trading options comes into the picture. Options traders potentially make money no matter which way the market is going. When the smart money was losing every thing during the Covid crash, we at Top Gun Options were virtually printing money. That was because as options traders we can turn on a dime and adjust our strategies to profit from the market that we have and not just the ideal market that we might dream about.

Reasons Not to Trade Options

If you do not care about how much money you have a retirement, and want to keep working forever, trading options is not for you. If you do not mind seeing your personal wealth evaporate in front of your eyes as some smart aleck money manager makes stupid decisions and still charges your for their services, options trading is not for you. If you think you are not smart enough to do this, think again. It is not all that hard. What is required is to learn the basics, work with dedicated trading squadron like at Top Gun Options, and then hedge your risk on every single trade for the rest of your options trading life!

In Order to Trade Options You Need to Pay Attention

If you truly have no time to learn options trading and make profitable options trades, then you should not try. You do need to learn the basics and you need to make the effort and pay attention. That having been said, you are under no obligation to trade every moment of every day.