UPDATE 6SEPT AYT&D update close Sept14 43.5/44 bear call spread @.03 debit for a 77%/$1500 profit in ONE WEEK

UPDATE 2 AYT&D update close FXI Sept14 43.5/44 bear call spread @.01 for a $1800/92% profit in TWO weeks!

AYT&D members -

Good session this afternoon (except from the whole me blaspheming and going to hell thing...) where we covered a lot of ground. Please make sure you watch the replay at the bottom of this page if you couldn't attend or missed anything.

We covered a lot of ground from trade deals to tactical issues with the limousine liberal tech companies coming under fire.

The current FXI bear call spread expiring tomorrow is a hold, and I look to add a new one out to Sept13:

Trade metrics:

We covered one of our gifts that keep on giving - CSX - and looked to leg into an iron condor with a new bear call spread:

Trade metrics:

Here's the resulting iron condor - NOTE the reduced overall risk in the iron condor versus a SINGLE spread:

Trade metrics:

AYT&D replay: