UA members -

This morning I knocked out a live session for Options Weapons School and covered a new bullish double vertical on VXX.

For potential new OWS members - we have closed 13 slots as of this email, leaving 12 remaining. Once these are gone we're closing the doors and getting airborne. Follow this link to grab your annual slot, with or without weekly options.

You can watch the replay for this trade and the other 2 OWS sessions, including last night's AAPL iron condor training, by following this link.

If you're an existing TGO member and came onboard with Full Throttle, you can get access to my 8 training sessions by following this link.

Here's an overall look at the new VXX trade and adjustments to the existing positions:

New VXX bullish double vertical:

Trade metrics:

UA portfolio vid: