UPDATE: VXX update - close Oct26 31.5/32 bull put spread @.13 debit for a $3000/75% profit in ONE day! More volatility trades to come...fight's on!

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Good session this afternoon! A lot of ground covered so if you couldn't attend or missed anything scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the replay.

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We took a look at China/US trade war, the Saudi crime against humanity & how Trump is dealing with it and the risk to the defense sector (and RTN), along with a 'Tredge' on volatility using VXX and a bear call spread on FXI.

New VXX 'Tredge' - don;t know what a 'Tredge' is? Watch the replay!

Trade metrics:

New bear call spread on China/FXI:

Trade metrics:

Accelerated Retirement replay: