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Psychology of Support and Resistance Levels

Expectation is what drives prices in the stock market. Options traders use trading strategies that will work the best with the prices changes that they expect. Although the eventual price of a stock will be determined by fundamental factors like earnings, level of...

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How to Use Support and Resistance Levels

When choosing an option trading strategy a trader picks a stock that he or she believes will rise, fall, or remain stable in price. When the price is moving up or down or is simply volatile, support and resistance levels are useful in helping predict the range in...

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50 Day Moving Average

Options traders commonly rely on support and resistance levels for the stocks that they trade. The market consensus for a stock price commonly moves in a trading range bounded by the fifty day moving average and the 100 day or 200 day moving average. When trading...

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Successful Options Trader Characteristics

In order to make the most of the leverage, risk management, and profit potential of options trading, traders need to develop the right set of skills and the appropriate attitude. Knowing all of the details for how to trade options may not lead to success unless you...

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When to Sell a Bear Call Spread

The bear call spread is an options trading strategy with limited profit potential and limited risk. It is also known as a bear call credit spread. One sets up or sells a bear call spread. When to sell a bear call spread is when you believe that a stock will fall in...

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» GOOG iron condor $3,000 profit, 100% gain, 4 days
» SPX iron condor $1,950 profit, 100% gain, 5 days
» AAPL iron condor $1935 profit, 100% gain, 3 days
» AAPL bear call spread $1,100 loss, 50% loss, 3 days
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Primary Live Trade Brief

» AAPL bear call spread $6,475 profit, 125% gain, 22 days
» BBRY long call diagonal $8,000 profit, 345% gain, 45 days
» 2 trades on AIG, long call diagonals $12,000 profit, 59%, 61 days
» synthetic stock position EWJ $4,500 profit, 280% gain, 20 days
» VIX bearish double vertical $1950 profit, 120% gain, 6 days
» USO iron condor $1,250 loss, 100% loss, 22 days
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Urgent Alert

» XRT iron condor $4,300 profit, 100% gain 27 days
» USO bull put spread $1,960 profit, 100% gain, 22 days
» GS long call diagonal $500 loss, 12% loss, 32 days
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