Accelerated Retirement Members (& potential new members):

AWESOME session this afternoon! We covered closing the SPX bear call spread we covered yesterday for a $1,600/90% profit.

We also covered the 3 trades that expired this past Friday for a $6,675 profit... 3 shots/3 kills!

I'm also please to announce that we are more than half way to filling our 50 member slots. As of this post we have 27 new members!

We WILL close the door at 50 new members...if you haven't grabbed your slot yet, click this link to get airborne ASAP

Please watch the replay at the bottom of the page in case you missed it or couldn't attend. We covered a lot of ground and looked to get long volatility with a new VXX trade.

New VXX bull put spread:

Trade Analytics:

AR replay: