AYT&D members (and potential new members):

As of this email we only have 9 Full Throttle memberships remaining.

Once we fill our 50 annual or monthly slots we will close the doors and get airborne - starting the 8 training session in 2 week.

This afternoon we covered closing 2 bullish positions on EWZ and MGM totaling $3,480 in profits...in ONE WEEK. These 2 trades alone cover an annual MAX members, with some nice change left over. Follow this link the grab your monthly or annual Max slot.

We covered how some of you have not watch the MUST WATCH session from Monday. This isn't s request... Monday's Brief is a MUST WATCH and if you don't understand what that means you shouldn't be trading options. Here's the link to watch this brief...which is a MUST WATCH.

If you couldn't attend today's brief or you missed anything please watch the replay at the bottom of this page.

We covered existing positions on EWZ & MGM, the roaches in the FB kitchen, and how/why the 'all clear' sounded yesterday (HINT: FED). After closing the existing MGM bull put spread for a $1920/85% profit we looked to add a new one:

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