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Learn How to Trade Options with Combat-Proven Strategies & Tactics

Trading is Combat

There’s a winner and there’s a loser…

TOPGUN Options will put you on the right side.


90% of trading is emotional
You will learn how elite fighter pilots & traders utilize checklists & SOPs (standard operating procedures) to fight & WIN!

Risk Management

You can't make money if you're losing money
We evaluate every position primarily by how much we can lose before we look at potential profit

Superior Execution

Discipline & Risk Management equal Superior Execution
Our elite MAX Afterburner & Hunters trading squadrons are where the best of the best execute for MAX profit

Daily Position Updates

Regular members receive daily communications about positions and stay up-to-date on the latest market developments

Tired of flying solo with your investing?

We're here to help you maximize your returns and manage risk with our elite squadrons.

Discover why TOPGUN Options is

"The Best Place to Learn to Trade Options"

- Jason Klein
Full Throttle Member
live trading squadron

Full Throttle
Live Trade Briefs and Hunters Trade Group

Entry Level live trading

Solo Amazon
One Stock for MAX Profit


Options Basic Training
Get Airborne in Trading


Get Airborne with our Free Options Trade Plan

We’ll guide you through the process of developing and implementing your own personalized trading plan, equipping you with the strategies, tactics, and tools you need to thrive in the markets.


We are your Options Trading
Flight Lead

Our expert traders share their exact portfolios, strategies and tactics with you. Everything they see and do in the market is shared with you real time.

Live Trade Rooms

Chat with other traders and explore our community. Get the most up to date market news, strategies, and positions.

Weekly Trade Briefs

Live trade briefs with our team of expert traders reviewing the market, trades we're making, and answering questions.

Real Time Alerts

Email alerts and live chats* covering our positions and giving you an edge in the market. *Hunters & MAX Afterburner Lifetime

Why our Members Choose TOPGUN Options

At TOPGUN Options we know combat and we know options trading. That's our advantage.

Our Mission is to share our combat-ready strategies and Wall Street-proven training tactics with full-time traders and casual investors alike.

Meet Your Instructor

Matthew 'Whiz' Buckley

Decorated F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot, TOPGUN Graduate, and Wall Street CEO. He’s taking his experience going supersonic and applying it to Options Trading. Learn More About Whiz 

View His Q4 Positions:

Accelerated Retirement

Featuring TGT, AMZN, and BUD

Primary Live Briefs

Our Top Primary Trades Q3/Q4

Personal Account

Insight into his personal portfolio, up over 150% for 2023

Weekly Options

Portfolio of Weekly Options Trades

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