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[sitrep] cant keep a bad market down

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Market relief rally continues on Greece vote, INTC beat is a loss, GS FICC misses along with other Wall Street blue blood banks, time to get long vol? and AAPL/SPX weekly trades in danger.

[sitrep] jpm & wfc report as greek vote looms (again)

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Tsipras still has one more vote to potentially ignore, financials start to report as retail sales miss (must be the tundra), Obama says there will peace in our time with Iran (sold!) and GS beats the China drum.

[SITREP] we go long spx and china yesterday and here we go

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Yesterday we went long SPX and FXI. And then Goldman Sachs and Fidelity decided that was a great call and followed our lead. AAPL showing signs of life ater near death experience and Yellen gets air cover on rates.