[SITREP] AAPL Lowers the Net, Fed Today

Oil back to moving the market, AAPL earnings, $SPX weekly bull put spread, Fed preview

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I put the trade you recommended on my screen and watched it go from $1.00 to $2.00 think you are going to get creamed. Your post comes over the phone saying you are holding. Then it expires worthless. Man you have guts. Incredible trade. I am a beginner. You are the master. I have done only a few trade that you recommend but learn that I should be doing a lot more because you are rarely wrong.
Thanks and have a good weekend.

Arthur Gonty, Lexington, KY

After just joining last week, I was able to take 2 of the WO trades and they were both successful. The SPX (a strike lower 2090/2095) and AAPL both expired in full profit of $1051, not bad for a week’s pay. I did not exit Thursday as I am around my pc during trading hours and can monitor, but was ready to pull the plug ( abort the mission) at the first sign of trouble. I have also taken several of Doug’s trades and we’ll see how they progress. So far I am very pleased with what I have seen. I will leave it up to you guys to find the stocks with the best volatility and go from there. I really think Full Throttle is going to be a great fit for me. Thanks so much.

David Bonham, Moscow, OH

I wanted to pass along a BIG THANK YOU for the training and guidelines that
you have taught me over the last 5 weeks. I have only been doing the trades
(some of them) for the last 3 ½ weeks and my very small trading acct has
grown from $4,300 at the end of May to an acct value of $12,312.92 as of
today. Tell WHIZ he is living up to his name. I was very skeptical at
first but now that I have started getting the hang of it I am loving it.
Looking forward to a great year!

Current Gain/Loss
-$1,957.38 Just the net value of some of my current positions on the
spreads, and some of my past bad trades.
Account Value
Total Cash


Tony Kohanski, Mount Juliet, TN

April 17, 2015- After doing extensive research on options services via attending free webinars, I knew that Top Gun Options was the best i had come across. So I took a 2 week trial subscription to their PLTB ( Primary Live Trade Brief ) to test them. The quality & depth of knowledge that was imparted to me during that trial period completely confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt, it was a highly professional service plus just what I was seeking. I then went ahead and purchased a full years subscription to 3 of their services, WOLTB ( Weekly Options Live Trade Brief ) PLTB ( Primary Live Trade Brief ) plus ALTB ( Advanced Live Trade Brief ) I was comprehensively taught to take a holistic approach of how to develop a strategic mindset & how to view macro economic data plus it’s impact on the markets, before targeting a potential trade & then what tactic to apply accordingly in a simple & easy way that makes total sense. The education & experienced insights I received from all 3 of these services has proven to be immense & invaluable. It has also proven to be highly lucrative on the profit side of my trading, while limiting my losses due to their excellent trade execution & management. I was a beginner to start with, yet now I feel completely confident & competent in finding plus executing my own trades. A big heartfelt thank you to Whiz & Doug plus all the helpful staff at TGO. Clint Wadsworth, London, UK

April 15, 2015- I have been an active options trader since end of 2007, when the real estate finance market imploded. I have certainly learned a ton since the start of that education but have really excelled in Whiz’s weekly briefings. For starters, his approach and methodology are very “make sense,’ and very user friendly/sensible. I have enjoyed more so his way of approaching the weekly economic reports and his global macro view prior to testing out different credit/debit spreads. I also enjoy the fact that he interacts with q&a’s from the webinars as he goes along various ideas and trades, which make it all the more credible and enjoyable. My learning curve has also steepened with the introduction of other indexes and ETF’s that he has introduced to the webinars also. He has reinvigorated the way I approach trades and restored my quest for learning new strategies, not to mention helped my P&L. A very welcome breath of fresh air in one of the most puzzling markets of our time. Thanks Whiz!!! Amanda Holt, San Francisco, CA

April 15, 2015- After listening to many free webinars over the last year, I decided to join the Top Gun Options Full Throttle program one month ago. During this period, I made significant progress in understanding and applying the TGO methodology. I have been trading options for many years and was moderately successful. However, this program has taken me to a whole new level.
Because I already traded options, I started immediately with modest sized live trades. My return on risk is 27% for the first month including all winners, losers, and open positions. In dollar terms, this is more than three times the subscription price for one year. Although I don’t expect to achieve comparable results each month, I am confident that the continued learning from TGO will further enhance my trading and will provide for exceptional returns. Thank you Whiz and the TGO team for providing such clear and insightful teaching which translates into great trading.
Bob Mininni, Vero Beach, FL

March 22, 2013 – Whiz, My first week trading live was absolutely Sierra Hotel! After following you online for a year and paper trading all that time, I finally felt confident enough to put my money where your mouth is. When the GOOG I.C. trade we tried in the WO session Monday got away from us, I also decided it was time to try a solo flight. My vehicle was a weekly APPL I.C. (435/440/470/475) I got into @ 1.05 Tuesday morning. To build my AAPL trade I used what I have learned about putting together an I.C. from the PLTB and ALTB sessions over the past year. I was amazed at how calm and confident I was about my decision. I got through the week without even thinking about touching my Lucky Strikes. The “training” is starting to really pay off. Thanks so much! BTW, the late morning AAPL B.P.S. Thursday was the perfect compliment to my earlier AAPL trade above and added to the two great GLD trades already in the WO portfolio, this week was huge!!! My profits from this first week alone have more than paid for all the “training” I’ve purchased from WCI the entire year!
Warm regards and a C-5 Galaxy full of gratitude,
RockettMan, Imperial Beach, CA

March 15, 2013 Sound strategy, superior tactics, and the discipline to follow them. That’s what I’ve learned in my short time trading options with Whiz. Since coming on board the weekly options service five weeks ago, I’ve profited $7,555! Not looking back!John Hilterman, Pensacola, FL

March 17, 2013 – I subscribed to the trial period of WO and UA/PTLB. Wow, this is fast paced and a challenge to keep up… BUT I’M MAKING MONEY for the first time trading options. Whiz is just that, a whiz at the strategic, operational and tactical. Been using Think Or Swim trading platform, but TradeMonster seems to have much more position analysis and maintenance. Opening a TM account now. I very much appreciate the periodic intel briefs for SA (situational awareness). And I get a kick out of the fighter pilot lingo… I’m retired USAF.Jay Jolly, Weatherford, TX


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